It all started when...

Jessica’s first experience with yoga was an MTV yoga DVD back in high school. She took some time to fall into a deeper practice but when she did it helped cure a back injury she developed in college. She brings her love for neuroscience into every class combining science and the “spiritual stuff” in beautiful ways that brings students walking away from class feeling more connected to their body, mind and spirit. She has training in Kids yoga through Young Warriors and Trauma Informed Yoga through Street Yoga. She loves teaching yoga to all ages as a tool to connect to the mind in deeper ways.

Jessica is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who works with children who have experienced traumas and helps them find a connection with their minds and body.  She has been working in the field of mental health for over 8 years. She has a deep understanding and training in neuorscience but likes to make it digestible for the average individual and applicable to daily life.  She brings concepts of neuroscience in all of her yoga classes and wants to teach others how to do the same and feel confident in guiding teachers to understand the inner workings of the brain and nervous system.